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Assurent is not insurance. It is a for-profit Multi-Level Sharing Company that leverages patented software and proprietary methods "Peer to Peer" to market approved expenses across a network of contributors and is not guaranteed in any way. As a non-insurance cosigner/guarantor and lease default prevention program for property owners/ managers, utilizing an expense sharing business model where funds are transferred directly from contributors to contributors, there is no transfer of risk to Assurent thus, Assurent is exempt from insurance regulations.

  • Burden Free Funding

  • -Home Assurance

  • --Home Deductible Protection

  • -Rent  Assurance

  • --DepositFree Renting

  • -Auto Assurance

  • --Auto Deductible Protection

  • Business Affiliate Discounts

  • Dynamic Voting Rights

Assurent Share Plan

$39.00 /month

Specific exclusions may apply. See plan contract in checkout for complete terms, coverage, amounts, availability, conditions and exclusions.

V2 Share Contribution

$500 /month - $1500 Annual Help Allowance (V2-$1-$15 /month)

$1000 /month - $3000 Annual Help Allowance (V2 $1-$20 /month)

$1400 /month - $4200 Annual Help Allowance (V2 $1-$30 /month)

Basic Tenant Membership only

$25.00 /month

Includes the Security Deposit Alternative

DepositFree Renting.