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Assurent is not insurance. It is a for-profit Multi-Level Sharing Company that leverages patented software and proprietary methods "Peer to Peer" to market approved expenses across a network of contributors and is not guaranteed in any way. As a non-insurance cosigner/guarantor and lease default prevention program for property owners/ managers, utilizing an expense sharing business model where funds are transferred directly from contributors to contributors, there is no transfer of risk to Assurent thus, Assurent is exempt from insurance regulations.

Proprietary Technology

The network goes to work for you! The average sum of the total number of contributors CPS provides the Network Contribution Score NCS, which is used to stabilize the financial profile of those in the network with less than perfect credit.


This de-risking of contributors is the process the network uses to create better terms for members when purchasing an automobile, home, or even renting without having to pay a security deposit.

Network Leverage

Having the tools to grow your reliability through participation rather than the pay to play concept of which the 'credit score' was built, shines a light on a better way to gauge a person's credibility.


With built-in avenues to restore a person's CPS, this system

allows for the missteps of financial uncertainties and does not determine a person unworthy due to those inevitable misfortunes.

Contributor Participation Score

Having the ability to Track every Trace of your contribution each month provides the type of transparency that cultivates a healthy contributor- network relationship.


State-of-the-Art platform with an easy to use user interface makes it easy to evaluate and understand who you are helping and how.

Self -Assured Protection

No one looks out for you better than you and our Technology and Business Model was designed with that in mind. By voluntarily assuring others in their time of need, you assure yourself of the same help when the time comes.


Honorable Earnings

All of this is managed on a Proprietary Software Dashboard that provides you with easy access to submitting a help request and for our Associates managing your personal Network Sharing Community providing great residual income for a service that truly lifts others up.